Terms and Conditions, 2019.

GDPR/Data/information use and protection. 

We use cookies to help collect data on our potential customers, purely and simply to help improve our website and SEO . We keep and use your information for our purposes only. In regards to our customers, we hold our customer's data (name, phone number and address) on paper in a secure location, and also electronically which is always password protected. We will only use your information for record keeping purposes and for communication purposes. Our retention policy requires us to keep your information for a minimum of seven years. 

Commencement, deposits and payment.

Once the consultation process has been completed, an estimate/ quotation will be sent to you the customer within five working days after the initial enquiry via email or post dependant on the preference of you the customer.

Depending on the size of your project, we may request you the customer pay a deposit up front to Revive Decorating & Maintenance (usually 20% of your quote - however this is dependent on the project and can vary. All negotiations regarding deposits will be carried out by the Revive Decorating & Maintenance partners). We will notify you if we require a deposit before a start date has been agreed. Deposits are sometimes required to cover the initial cost of the materials required for a job. 


If the quotation (and deposit amount, if applicable) is agreed with you, the customer, by signing two copies (one for you & a copy for us) and agreeing to these terms and conditions, the next step is for any deposits to be paid if required (you will receive and invoice requesting payment of your deposit) via online payment, bank transfer, cash or check. We require deposits to be paid within at least ten working days of the scheduled start date in order to collect/arrange the delivery of the required materials. Once a start date is confirmed and the relevant paperwork has been signed by both you the customer and an employee of Revive Decorating & Maintenance, the signed contract will then come in to place.

Revive Decorating & Maintenance will invoice you once all work quoted for is complete and any snagging is completed. If a deposit has been paid by you the customer up front to Revive Decorating & Maintenance, the paid deposit amount will be made clear on the final invoice and counted as a sum towards the total amount. If you are a residential customer, payments are due within seven days of receiving a final invoice from Revive Decorating & Maintenance. Payments are required within four weeks for commercial customers. You must pay all sums due to us without any set off, deductions, counterclaim and/or withholding of monies. If you, the customer, fails to pay your full invoice within the timescales detailed above, you will receive a late payment notice from Revive Decorating & Maintenance and a late payment fee of £40 will be added to your final invoice.  All costs shall be accepted in good faith. After the initial late payment fee has been added to the total sum, you the customer have three days to pay the full amount. If we have still not received the full amount after the three days, we will contact Small Claims Court, UK and present our case. We will notify you the customer of this and any proceedings that follow.

Seven-day terms apply. Please note any damages you may claim will be processed through our liability insurance. No moneys shall be deducted from the final invoice unless agreed otherwise with both partners of Revive Decorating & Maintenance.

Revive Decorating & Maintenance exercises the right to claim interest and compensation for any debt recovery costs incurred under current late payment legislation and will instruct our debt collection agency immediately if payment is not received.

Employee working conditions.


The proprietor exercises the right to refuse to estimate for any work, which he judges may lead to unsatisfactory working conditions for any employee.

The proprietor, or any member of staff, holds the right to remove any personnel from the site, if at any time a member of staff has been abused physically or verbally by a client, or any other member of society. Under these circumstances, you will have to pay in full for all work carried out and materials purchased to that date.

Revive Decorating & Maintenance is a non-discriminatory business and will not tolerate any type of discrimination against any employee undertaking the work.

All employees shall be under the jurisdiction of the proprietor and shall only take his working orders. All other decisions, requests or amendments to the contract shall be put to the proprietor first before any such operations are carried out.

Every effort will be made to replace an employee if he/she is unable to attend due to sickness or any other reason. On occasions this may not be possible but Revive Decorating & Maintenance will make every effort to continue operations.

Damage to work & issues with completed work.


Revive Decorating & Maintenance will not be held responsible for damage/marks/dust to any of the decorating that is not the fault of Revive Decorating & Maintenance. If such damage/marks/dust are to be repaired by Revive Decorating & Maintenance, the client will be advised of any extra cost, which will be added to the final invoice accordingly. If you find any issues with completed work carried out by Revive Decorating & Maintenance you, the customer, please do not hesitate to contact us within twenty-one days. If, after speaking to our staff, and the issue is deemed to be the responsibility of Revive Decorating & Maintenance to fix, we will carry out the necessary corrections free of charge within seven working days. 

Damage by other tradesment.


Where any work undertaken by other tradesmen has affected or damaged our work, the cost to rectify this will be the responsibility of the client and other tradesmen.

Fixtures and Fittings.


All efforts should be made by the customer to remove furniture  from working areas before our arrival, or otherwise moved into the middle of rooms. If you require assistance with this, we can assist free of charge.  Any objects that cannot be moved will be covered up with the appropriate sheeting. Please advise us in advance if any heavy object needs to be moved by us. The client should remove all fragile or vulnerable items, and all cupboards and drawers should preferably be left empty. Fittings that will need to be removed by us will also incur extra charges. Any fitting that cannot be removed will not be our responsibility. Any new fittings installed by us will be at extra cost, which will be added to the final invoice.

Extra operations of work.


Revive Decorating & Maintenance will not be responsible for carrying out any work other than that stated on the original estimate and specification document. If you wish to add extra operations of work then this will be at extra cost, which will be estimated and submitted in writing. Such work will not be undertaken until you the customer agree to pay the full amount.

Unforeseen circumstances.


Sometimes existing decorating can hide all sorts of problems within a property. Revive Decorating & Maintenance holds the right to charge for any extra work that was unforeseen when the work was quoted for by us, Revive Decorating and Maintenance, and thus is not included in the original estimate/quotation. We will inform you of any extra costs at the earliest opportunity, and the full cost will be submitted in writing. This will not become payable until snagging is complete and a final invoice is produced.

Intended start date.


Although every effort will be made to meet our intended start date, please accept that scheduling of other work may make this impossible. In such cases, we will give as much notice as possible and an alternative date will be agreed.



All estimates given by Revive Decorating & Maintenance are valid for ten working days only, unless agreed otherwise with one of the business owners/partners. All costs estimated by Revive Decorating & Maintenance are exclusive of Value Added Tax as Revive Decorating & Maintenance do not charge customers VAT.

Cancellation by notice or cancellation.


If a start date has been agreed, cancellation of the contract & works must be made in writing. If we receive written notice to cancel this contract more than 14 days after the contract becomes effective (once documents are signed by each party and a start date has been agreed), a cancellation fee of £80 will be requested unless otherwise agreed by both business partners. Please note that payment of this cancellation fee is required within 14 days. Failure to pay said cancellation fee may result in Revive Decorating & Maintenance taking legal action.

Separate terms.


If any terms in this contact cannot be enforced, this will not affect the remaining terms.

Any quotation or estimate is subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to both labour and materials. However the quote will not be amended without consultation with you.

These terms and conditions are non-negotiable and stand as a legal binding document.